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Hawthorne Caballeros Scholarship and Leadership Program

The Hawthorne Caballeros are pleased to announce the start of an exciting new Hawthorne Caballeros Scholarship and Leadership Program which will be administered by Michael “Doc” Risley!

The goals of this program are to provide dues support for current and future leaders from each section of the corps and to establish a structured mentoring program for members with leadership potential.  In the 2018 season, we hope to provide 50% dues support to current leaders and 4-5 potential leaders through an application process.

The awards will be announced in the spring after the date at which 50% tuition payments are due.   The application form is below.  This program, together with fund raising opportunities, will enable members committed to the Hawthorne Caballeros to significantly reduce their financial obligations and focus on marching/music skills and leadership development.

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