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Cabs Announces Matt Hurley as Co-Show Coordinator

Matt Hurley will be returning to the Caballeros in his role of Co-Show Coordinator. This will be Matt’s 8th year in this role.

Matt brings with him a wealth of Drum Corps experience, having marched in DCA corps from the time he was 15. Matt’s Drum Corps marching experience started way back in 1979 when he became a member of the Bayonne Bridgemen’s feeder corps, The Bayonne Kidets. He went on to also march with the Bayonne Bridgemen, The New York Skyliners, and the Sunrisers.

Matt also has been very active in the indoor color guard world.  He has performed with the Bayonne Kidets, Conquest Color Guard, and The Emerald Marquis. He is currently the Program Coordinator for the AMP Indoor Color Guard Organization. Prior to his role at AMP, he was also the operations manager with The Black Watch Independent World color guard for 12 years.

Matt has designed and instructed many NJ/PA high school marching bands throughout the years. According to Matt, “Way too many to list them all!”

According to Matt “Each and every year at the Caballeros brings its own unique experience and excitement.”

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