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Cabs Finish Undefeated & DCA Open Class Champions

Last night at DCA’s Virtual Championships, Caballeros continued their winning streak and placed first in Open Class with a score of 94.65. Cabs also snagged the Best Visual, Best Color Guard, and Best General Effect Captions.

A special congratulations to Cab’s own Business Manager, Al Katz, for being named Open Class Director and the Year alongside Atlanta CV’s Layne B. Meier.

In Class A, Rogues Hollow Regiment captured first place, sweeping all captions (tied with Governaires for Effect).

Congrats to all competing corps on a successful 2021 season!

2021 Championship Scores

A Class

  1. 77.950 Rogues Hollow
  2. 76.600 Govenaires
  3. 73.100 Southern Knights
  4. 66.200 Columbus Saints
  • High Visual – Rogues Hollow
  • High Color Guard – Rogues Hollow
  • High Brass – Rogues Hollow
  • High Percussion – Rogues Hollow
  • High General Effect – Rogues Hollow/Governaires

Open Class

  1. 94.650 Caballeros
  2. 94.000 Atlanta CV
  3. 90.300 Bushwackers
  4. 89.300 Fusion Core
  5. 86.600 Cincinnati Tradition
  6. 85.600 White Sabers
  7. 85.450 Hurricanes
  8. 79.900 Sunrisers
  • High Visual – Hawthorne Caballeros
  • High Color Guard – Hawthorne Caballeros
  • High Brass – Atlanta CV
  • High Percussion – Atlanta CV
  • High General Effect – Hawthorne Caballeros

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