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2021 will be the 75th year of the Hawthorne Caballeros Drum & Bugle Corps.  Our existence and the momentum we have worked so hard to achieve is now threatened by the COVID-19 virus and by the cancellation of the 2020 DCA season.  As a DCA corps, we don’t have the enormous expenses like our sister DCI corps, but we still have equipment, staff, and bills to pay. Our main sources of revenue (dues, parades, performance fees, and merchandise sales) have disappeared and we need your help to ensure “we keep our history moving forward” for many more years to come. We are calling upon all of our alumni, members, families, friends and all of those fans we have entertained over our 74 years to come to our aid!

750 for the 75th Campaign is simple.  In honor of our 75th-anniversary year, we will need 750 people to sacrifice $75 for a one-time yearly contribution or you can set up affordable payments at $6.25/month.  Our vision is to keep the Cabs moving forward for many years to come!  It is our hope that this organization will continue to provide excellence in educating and training members in the arts and music so future Caballero generations and so the family will keep on growing!  We thank you for taking part in this quest to support the Caballeros! “Once a Caballero Always a Caballero – Rump!”  

Campaign Kick-Off!  An anonymous donor is starting off the campaign with a matching donation up to $1,000 dollars – dollar for dollar!  Thank you to our anonymous donor, for being such a great supporter of the Caballeros over the years! 

Many thanks to you all – The Hawthorne Caballeros Administration

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