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Hawthorne Caballeros Release 2018 Program Details – DUÆL!

The Hawthorne Caballeros proudly announce their 2018 production “DUÆL!”

Dual – (adj.) of relating to, or noting, two. Having a two fold, or double, character or nature.

Duel – (noun) a prearranged combat, or any contests between two parties or persons.

As the Caballeros show off their combat skills in their 2018 show, DUÆL will have many meanings for their design team.  Dual pairings, voices, ideas, melodies, and visuals will all contribute to the idea that two is better than one.  The Caballeros will explore ideas and styles that often combat and contrast against one another.  The membership will share many dual and duel responsibilities in this year’s production,

The 2018 program will include music from:

España Cani by Pascual Marquina
Asturias by Isaac Albeniz
Original Music by Dr. Andrew Yozviak, Paul Nalesnik and Matt Blood
Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues
Green Hornet Main Theme by Al Hirt

The Hawthorne Caballeros Music Ensemble Supervisor, Adam Freeman, says, “this is going to be a fun, wild program designed to show contrasts of styles, concepts, and pairings while also showcasing how those contrasts can often compliment or compete against each other”.

Program Coordinator, Matthew Hurley adds “En garde!”

To be a part of our 2018 production, please contact Michael Ryan for membership opportunities.

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