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Caballeros have a strong finish at DCA Championships!

It’s been a busy few weeks coming out of 2017 DCA Championships out of Rochester.  Regardless, see below for our recap!

The Caballeros arrived at the city of Rochester, ready to work.  The bus pulled up to the practice facility, we would call our own over the next three-days, on Friday.  Knowing how hard the corps worked to be awarded a strong seed in prelims, they continued to do so Friday morning and afternoon.

On Saturday, after a full day of practice, the corps finished strong with a third place finish, behind the Reading Buccaneers and Atlanta CV, in Open Class competition:

Open Class Prelims

  1. Reading Buccaneers: 98.28 (swept all captions with the exception of color guard)
  2. Atlanta CV: 95.13 (won color guard caption)
  3. Hawthorne Caballeros: 94.40
  4. Cadets2: 93.00
  5. White Sabers: 92.78
  6. Kidsgrove Scouts: 91.93
  7. Fusion Core: 91.38
  8. Minnesota Brass: 89.85
  9. Bushwackers: 88.65
  10. Sunrisers: 85.75
  11. Skyliners: 82.23
  12. Carolina Gold: 81.00
  13. Hurricanes: 79.78

Class A Prelims

  1. Cincinnati Tradition: 80.60
  2. Govenaires: 80.10
  3. Erie Thunderbirds: 75.73
  4. Southern Knights: 75.18
  5. Chops, Inc.: 74.10

Sunday started with a gloomy morning and a threat of rain.  There was talk of the Alumni Spectacular getting hit with rain.  Low and behold, as soon as our sister corps, the Caballeros Alumni, stepped on the field, the sun broke out and the weather maintained for the rest of the evening.

The Caballeros’ finals performance was nothing short of spectacular.  The adulation from the fans in the seats (and even till this day from those on social media), show nothing but the level of entertainment and complexity that the 2017 show had to offer.  At the end of the night, the Caballeros notched a 4th-place finish with a 94.38.  Even more important, a critical component of the 2017 program featured a solo dancer throughout the show, Sandi Tait.  Sandi Tait represented the Caballeros well in winning the ‘Best Showmanship’ award.


Open Class Finals

  1. Reading Buccaneers: 98.93 (swept all captions with the exception of color guard)
  2. Atlanta CV: 96.63 (won color guard caption)
  3. Cadets2: 95.40
  4. Hawthorne Caballeros: 94.38
  5. White Sabers: 93.38
  6. Fusion Core: 92.05
  7. Kidsgrove Scouts: 91.73
  8. Bushwackers: 89.83
  9. Minnesota Brass: 88.98
  10. Sunrisers: 85.60

Class A Finals

  1. Cincinnati Tradition: 82.70
  2. Govenaires: 81.43
  3. Erie Thunderbirds: 77.3321762731_1468486436565537_7684912908417743735_o
  4. Southern Knights: 74.60

The Caballeros would like to congratulate the Reading Buccaneers and Cincinnati Tradition on their 2017 championship titles.  Additionally, the Caballeros would like to thank our family, friends, alumni, and fans for all their support for the 71st edition of the corps.

If you missed our performances over the 2017 season, I am sure you can find excellent recordings.  Do a YouTube search for “2017 Hawthorne Caballeros” 🙂

Interested in marching?  The Hawthorne Caballeros have set the date for their 2018 open house, see below for details:

Date: 11/25/17 – 11/26/17
Location: Passaic County Technical Institute
Address: 45 Reinhardt Road, Wayne, NJ 07470

Check out the Facebook event page for full details:
Don’t forget to fill out an interest form by visiting the following link:

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