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Tom Beebe Retires After 14 Year Run


The Hawthorne Caballeros would like to congratulate Tom Beebe on a successful run with the organization.

Tom joined the Caballeros in 2003 as the front ensemble instructor – this season ended with a DCA Championship title.  Over the years Tom would continue to instruct the Caballeros before being elevated to administration team as Public Relations Director, a position he held up until his retirement.

Beyond his time as instructor and Public Relations Director, he would lend his talent as an announcer throughout several DCA shows, including Cabs at the Beach.  He was also instrumental in providing housing for out of town members, as well as, providing storage for equipment.

Tom, the Hawthorne Caballeros, past, present, and future, thank you for all that you have done throughout your tenure.  Congratulations on your retirement and don’t be a stranger – we know you won’t!

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