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2016 DCA Recap

So another season is in the books.  The Cabs celebrated their 70th anniversary in true Caballero fashion — the crowd was entertained and our alumni was on their feet!


First up, some comments from social media regarding the preliminary run:


“Opening is pure Cabs. Screaming trumpets and full out Latin in your face.”
“Powerful opening Cabs. Starting out in the form of their logo.”
“Ooo, very big Hawthorne start. Bring it on!” – Todd
“Trumpet line is full power in your face and we’re still in the opener!”
“If that is the end of the opener, then I’m afraid of what they are going to bring for the closer!!!!!”
“20 sabers in unison toss was impressive and flawless.”


At the end of preliminary competition, the Cabs scored a 94.10, full results below:

Rochester, NY (9/3/16)

Open Class Prelims
Cadets2: 97.68
Buccaneers: 97.03
Minnesota Brass: 95.55
Hawthorne Caballeros: 94.10
Fusion Core: 93.53
Atlanta CV: 92.53
White Sabers: 89.55
Sunrisers: 89.50
Bushwackers: 86.08
Govenaires: 85.73
Skyliners: 83.50
Alliance: 82.90
Hurricanes: 82.25
Carolina Gold: 80.68

Class A Prelims
Cincinnati Tradition: 79.13
Erie Thunderbirds: 77.35
Chops, Inc.: 75.35
Kilties: 74.45
Excelsior: 70.28


At Finals, only the top ten Open Class and top three Class A corps advanced.

Again, the Caballeros put on a great show and social media, once again, came alive during the last performance of the 2016 Caballeros:

“70th anniversary and the screamers came to PLAY tonight.”
“Cabs are in the house to play!”
“Guard all in red. Flags are tearing it up!”
“Drum line is having a GREAT night from what I can tell.”
“####! Horns hit us in the face with their sound and a tuba literally drops to both knees as he goes full out!”


At the end of the night, the scores were released:

Rochester, NY (9/4/16)

Open Class Finals
Cadets2: 97.95
Buccaneers: 97.25
Minnesota Brass: 96.95
Hawthorne Caballeros: 94.28
Fusion Core: 92.45
Atlanta CV: 92.35
White Sabers: 88.73
Sunrisers: 88.53
Bushwackers: 85.28
Govenaires: 84.45

Class A Finals
Cincinnati Tradition: 80.03
Erie Thunderbirds: 77.75
Chops, Inc.: 75.03


The Hawthorne Caballeros would like to congratulate Cadets2 on their first DCA Championship title.  Additionally, the Caballeros would like to thank our family, friends, alumni, and fans for all their support for the 70th edition of the corps.

Interested in marching?  The Hawthorne Caballeros have set the date for their 2017 open house, see below for details:

Date: 11/26/16 – 11/27/16
Location: Passaic County Technical Institute
Address: 45 Reinhardt Road, Wayne, NJ 07470

Check out the Facebook event page for full details:
Don’t forget to fill out an interest form by visiting the following link:

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