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Hawthorne Caballeros Recap: Kingston, Woodbridge, and Bayonne

The Caballeros have been busy these past few weeks!  On July 23rd, their first stop of the doubleheader weekend was Bayonne, NJ.  The competing corps continued their 2016 campaign by posting a 82.25 for second place:

Bayonne, NJ (7/23/16)

  1. Fusion Core: 83.10
  2. Hawthorne Caballeros: 82.25
  3. Sunrisers

The Caballeros won both the effect and communication captions.

The second stop in the doubleheader weekend was Woodbridge, NJ where the Cabs picked up second place with a score of 83.45:

Woodbridge, NJ (7/24/16)

  1. Fusion Core: 83.75
  2. Hawthorne Caballeros: 83.45
  3. Sunrisers: 78.05
  4. Bushwackers: 74.80

At Woodbridge, the Caballeros won both communication and music captions.

We would like to thank the Bayonne Bridgemen, Fusion Core, and Bushwackers for putting on two great shows and inviting us!

On July 30th and 31st, the Caballeros organization enjoyed a weekend off from the activity, but returned with the energy and strong work ethic for Kingston, NY.  In Kingston, the Caballeros notched their first win of the season with a score of 87.80 as the Caballeros Alumni Corps watched and cheered.


Kingston, NY (8/6/16)

  1. Hawthorne Caballeros: 87.80
  2. Fusion Core: 87.00
  3. White Sabers: 83.30
  4. Sunrisers: 80.40
  5. Bushwackers: 78.90
  6. Hurricanes: 75.95

In their first win, the Caballeros picked up communication, music, and effect captions.  The crowd was very excited and stuck around for an encore performance.


The Hawthorne Caballeros would like to thank Ed Bushell for donating lunch to the entire corps, along with, the Caballeros Alumni for inviting the competing corps membership to their annual BBQ!

The Caballeros’ next stop is Williamsport, PA, where they are the host corps.  The corps will be arriving on Friday night for practice and will be in town through Sunday evening.  The Marching Millionaires DCA Invitational will feature seven competing corps and one alumni corps:

  • Excelsior
  • Skyliners
  • Bushwackers
  • Sunrisers
  • White Sabers
  • Hurricanes
  • Buccaneers
  • Hawthorne Caballeros
  • Caballeros Alumni

Want to help support the Caballeros?  Visit our $70 for the 70th page and find out ways on how you can help and get great souvenirs along the way!

Can’t make it to the show?  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with photos, videos, and live feeds (Facebook Live only). 

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