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Grand Prix and Nazareth, PA Weekend Recaps


It sure has been a couple hectic weeks here at in Caballero-land (in a good way, of course!).

52nd Annual Drum Corps Grand Prix, Clifton, NJ (7/9/16)

For the Grand Prix, all participating drum corps at the 52nd Annual Drum Corps Grand Prix battled Mother Nature.  Despite the weather conditions, the show went on with great attendance.  All corps were able to make it onto the field, with the exception of the Buccaneers, Caballeros, and Caballeros Alumni.  We would like to congratulate Fusion Core on their win, see below for full recap:


1. Fusion Core 81.10

2. Cadets2 78.75

3. Sunrisers 73.90

4. Bushwackers 71.25

5. Hurricanes 70.25

6. Skyliners 69.80 (0.6)

In addition to the competing corps for the night, we would also like to thank Saints Brigade, Skyliners Alumni, and Bayonne Bridgemen for joining this much storied drum corps event.

Drum Corps, An American Tradition: DCA Edition, Nazareth, PA (7/16/16)

The Hawthorne Caballeros’ third stop on the 2016 DCA tour brought us to Nazareth, PA.  First and foremost, we would like to thank a new sponsor to the Caballeros organization, Chipotle (shout out to Nick Walker for coordinating), for supplying the entire organization lunch.

A complete opposite from the weather seen in the Grand Prix, the membership battled temperatures in the high-90’s all day.  In the end, like all past Caballeros members, they persevered.  On the night, the Caballeros recorded their first score for the 2016 season, 82.50.  For a full listing of placements, see below:


1. Buccaneers 86.75

2. Fusion Core 83.30

3. Caballeros 82.50

4. Cadets2 82.30

5. Sunrisers 76.10

6. Bushwackers 74.40

7. Skyliners 72.30 (0.4)

8. Hurricanes 71.05


1. Erie Thunderbirds 64.35

At the show, we received another contributor to the $70 for the 70th fundraiser.  A very special “thank you” goes to Doug Allen.  To find out how to support the Caballeros through this fundraiser, check out the link on the left rail or at the end of this article.

This weekend, the Caballeros head to Bayonne, NJ (Saturday) and Woodbridge, NJ (Sunday) for a drum corps double-header.  

Can’t make it to the show?  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with photos, videos, and live feeds (Facebook Live only). 

Want to help support the Caballeros?  Visit our $70 for the 70th page and find out ways on how you can help and get great souvenirs along the way!



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