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Caballeros Get New Endorsement and Marching Percussion

The Caballeros are proud to announce two upgrades to our percussion equipment: Dream Cymbals and Dynasty Marching Percussion.

Dream Cymbals
Launched in 2005, Dream cymbals is the partnership of passionate Canadian instrument designers and generations of Chinese gong smiths.


Marc Garside, Percussion Caption Head is “very excited to announce that Dream Cymbals and Gongs has partnered with the Caballeros percussion section! We are very honored to represent Dream’s products and excited about the new sounds we can use to enhance our 2016 production! These cymbals give us timbres and colors that will make the Caballeros sound even more unique. For any questions about Dream cymbals, check them out on Facebook, or email me at”

For more information on Dream Cymbals and Gongs, please visit their product site!

Dynasty Marching Percussion
Caballeros are very happy to continue their partnership with Dynasty by upgrading to a new full set of marching percussion.

For more information on Dynasty Marching Percussion and our partnership, visit our artist page!


Want to help support the Caballeros?  Visit our $70 for the 70th page and find out ways to earn tickets to the Grand Prix through your donation!


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