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Hawthorne Caballeros Selected for LG’s March Madness Video!

Back on February 19th, the Caballeros received a note from a production company that was shooting a video for LG that surrounds March Madness.  The lead producer and owner of RGTV ( is a New Jersey native that grew up watching the ‘Cabs.’  Based upon the story he was looking to shoot, along with being a fan of the Caballeros, he wanted to include percussionists from our organization.  For a full look at the video that is airing on all LG 4K televisions around the world, check out the link below!

We would like to thank the following members for their participation in the shoot:

  • Tom Case
  • Brendan Dempsey
  • Glenn Fitch
  • Matt Krause
  • Matt Ware

Special shout out goes to Jean Sowinski for being on set to assist and to Marc Garside for arranging the percussion music, along with, working with Dynasty to provide the color-coordinated snare drums.

To Roman, thank you for being a fan of the Hawthorne Caballeros and selecting us to take part in this venture.

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