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Caballeros are Ready to Close Their 2017 Regular Season in Seymour, CT!

It has been a busy July and August, not only for the Cabs, but for this writer (apologies for that!).

Coming out of the Drum Corps Grand Prix, where the Caballeros notched a 3rd place finish, the corps traveled to Nazareth, PA, Peckville, PA, and Kingston, NY, trailing the Buccaneers, White Sabers, and Fusion Core.

  • Drum Corps Grand Prix, Clifton, NJ (7/8/17): Buccaneers, 81.00; Fusion Core, 76.05; Hawthorne Caballeros, 74.65; Cadets2, 72.55; Bushwackers, 71.25; Sunrisers, 69.40; Hurricanes, 64.95
  • Nazareth, PA (7/15/17):  Buccaneers, 84.00; Hawthorne Caballeros, 78.40; Cadets2, 78.05; Bushwackers, 76.55; Sunrisers, 74.25; Skyliners, 72.00; Erie Thunderbirds, 63.20
  • Peckville, PA (7/29/17):  Buccaneers 87.75; White Sabers, 83.60; Fusion Core, 82.00; Hawthorne Caballeros, 81.40; Cadets2, 80.35; Bushwackers, 79.25; Sunrisers, 76.60; Skyliners 75.35
  • Kingston, NY (8/5/17): White Sabers, 86.30; Fusion Core, 84.00; Hawthorne Caballeros, 83.55; Bushwackers, 82.25; Sunrisers, 78.50; Hurricanes, 73.25; Erie Thunderbirds, 66.15


Knowing the corps’ determination throughout this year, they took it to the next level in August, yielding two fruitful finishes with a 1st place showing in Williamsport, PA and a 2nd place finish behind the Buccaneers in Woodbridge, NJ.

  • Williamsport, PA (8/12/17): Hawthorne Caballeros 87.75; White Sabers 87.35; Fusion Core 87.25; Skyliners 75.60
  • Wodbridge, NJ (8/19/17): Buccaneers, 93.45; Hawthorne Caballeros, 90.25; White Sabers, 89.85; Cadets2, 88.60; Bushwackers, 85.20; Hurricanes, 78.05

For a full recap of these shows, please click here!

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The Cabs’ final pit stop before heading to Rochester is the Connecticut Hurricanes home show, Fanfare, in Seymour, CT.  The show’s lineup includes the Erie Thunderbirds, Skyliners, Sunrisers, Hurricanes, Caballeros Alumni (exhibition performance), and your Hawthorne Caballeros.


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